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Layered Solutions

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Chemical peels have become a standard practice for estheticians in the treatment room. Discover how layering your favorite chemical peels can take your skincare business to the next level, by giving you the tools to create powerful, personalized treatments for all of your client’s needs. In this advanced class you will learn, how the most popular chemical peels work, in and on the skin; the latest techniques for layering multiple peels; how Vitamin A, Jessner, TCA, AHA’s, BHA’s all play a part in enhancing results with less downtime, irritation and risk of hyperpigmentation. Learn the step-by-step instructions and see demonstrations of Control Corrective’s new facial protocols featuring the Layered Solutions collection for all skin types, including detailed pre/post care considerations to keep you competitive and on the cutting edge.

Curriculum Outline
  • How layering chemical peels will dramatically change the way we treat the skin
  • Layering vs. blending
  • Most commonly used chemical peels today (Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic, Phenol, TCA, Jessner, and Vitamin A) and how to boost performance.
  • Chemical peel penetration; how and where today’s most popular chemical peels work in the skin and customizing for different skincare goals.
  • pH of peels and how that can affect layering
  • Skin histology and physiology 
  • Layering solutions for different skin types/concerns 
  • Layering peels on different skin conditions
  • Spot Treatment Layering
  • Body Peeling and Layering
  • Pretreatment/Post Treatment strategies 
  • Demonstration on Layered Solutions for different skin concerns

Attendance Bonuses & Perks

  • $55 day of class store credit for product purchases + 15% Bonus Discount
  • Quick Start Support Materials (In-depth Training Guide, Facial Protocols & Laminated Treatment Guide
  • Free Gift
  • Networking Opportunities 
  • Catered Breakfast and Lunch 
Class Policy: Pre-registration is required. Limited class space. Class cost is $85.00. If for any reason you need to cancel your attendance to the class, we do ask for a 24 hour cancellation notice for a full refund. If 24-hour advance notice is not received, you will be provided an account credit that must be used for another class within the following six months. Credit Card or Check payments will be required for product purchases following the class. NO CASH will be accepted the day of class.

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