Advanced Skincare Ingredient Workshop

Advanced Skincare Ingredient Workshop
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Master advanced clinical ingredients, communicate better with clients, boost retail sales.

In this class we dig deep into the synergy of key performance ingredients, with effective clinical treatments for a variety of skin conditions. We’ll explore the science of advanced clinical ingredients, the benefits they achieve and the results your clients can expect. You'll master advanced cosmetic ingredient knowledge so your clients appreciate YOUR professional products and TRUST YOU MORE. This workshop is ideal for students, recent grads or the seasoned aesthetician who wants to be less intimated by ingredients.

Level 1: Discover Course

These courses can comprise of either look & learn demonstration or hands-on learning experiences that introduce, engage and equip both new and seasoned estheticians with new skills and knowledge.

Curriculum Outline:

  • How to naturally speak the language of ingredients
  • Feature/Benefit/Result for increased sales and treatment retention
  • Sales success strategies that are as easy as A-B-C: Approach, Build, and Close for different personality types
  • Skin physiology and histology review for better customized solutions
  • In depth understanding of the layers of the skin and how that informs your skin diagnostics
  • Cell types and the roles they play in the skin and in product recommendations
  • The differences between an active ingredient (drug) vs. non-active ingredient
  • The differences between natural vs. organic vs. chemical ingredients
  • How to decode the back of a package (drug fact label, ingredient list)
  • How to incorporate your actives with various modalities including microdermabrasion, ultrasonic and micro current technologies
  • To understand the categories of ingredients: What they are, what they do, and how to address client concerns including the following:
    • Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatories, and Antioxidants
    • Cell Communicators
    • Emollients, Emulsifiers, Exfoliators
    • Humectants
    • Lighteners and brighteners
    • Polymers and Preservatives
    • Serums, Silicones, Soothing and calming ingredients that perform
    • Sun screens
    • Preservatives, Surfactants and other ingredients that help the actives work.

Attendance Bonuses & Perks


  • $55 day of class store credit for product purchases + 15% Bonus Discount
  • Quick Start Support Materials (In-depth Training Guide, Facial Protocols & Laminated Treatment Guide
  • Free Gift
  • Networking Opportunities 
  • Catered Breakfast and Lunch 
Class Policy: Pre-registration is required. Limited class space. Class cost is $85.00. If for any reason you need to cancel your attendance to the class, we do ask for a 24 hour cancellation notice for a full refund. If 24-hour advance notice is not received, you will be provided an account credit that must be used for another class within the following six months. Credit Card or Check payments will be required for product purchases following the class. NO CASH will be accepted the day of class.


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