Advanced Skin Analysis Class

Advanced Skin Analysis Class

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Expand your knowledge in skin and achieve faster & more targeted results on any client!

As a licensed skincare professional there are many things to learn and keep up on. Products, modalities, marketing, trends and more. With all that said, there is nothing more important in the treatment room than providing expert skin analysis to help drive effective home care product usage and facial recommendations.

50% of the population claim to have sensitive skin and struggle finding relief. Is it perioral dermatitis or acne? Is it psoriasis or is it rosacea? Is it dry skin or severely dehydrated? What can I use if my client is going through Chemo or Radiation? Join us as we go into greater depth covering facial conditions you encounter and how best to help.

In this class you are certain to gain expertise. This interactive small class includes theory, technique and advanced skin analysis techniques to build your credibility and confidence. There are two components to becoming excellent at skin analysis: 1) Practice/experience 2) Understanding how to correctly analyze the many skin conditions that your clients bring in and make proper recommendations.


Level 2: Challenge Course

These courses go beyond the basics and take the skills of the esthetician to the next level. Your competence in diagnosing and addressing skin conditions will be elevated, as will your confidence.

Curriculum Outline:

  • How to think “three dimensionally” when analyzing the skin
  • Skin types and combinations demystified
  • Digging deeper into the skin consultation; considering function, structure, cause and effect
  • A review of skin diagnostic machines and techniques for better analysis
  • Understanding skin physiology and its use in skin analysis
  • Top 5 ways of looking at a skin when doing a skin analysis
  • Top skin conditions that can often confuse estheticians and are hard to identify
  • Common skin sensitivities that our clients need help with (acne, drug induced, etc.) and how to bring relief and/or know when to refer them to their Dermatologist
  • How to improve your consultation effectiveness to significantly increase retail sales
  • The most common issues when dealing with sensitive skin in the treatment room
  • How to identify rosacea, perioral, contact and other types of dermatitis conditions
  • The role allergies play in working on sensitized skin and other special considerations
  • Understanding a damaged lipid barrier and how to reverse it
  • Pre/Post care when dealing with reactive or sensitized skin

Attendance Bonuses & Perks

  • $55 day of class store credit for product purchases + 15% Bonus Discount
  • Quick Start Support Materials (In-depth Training Guide, Facial Protocols & Laminated Treatment Guide
  • Free Gift
  • Networking Opportunities 
  • Catered Breakfast and Lunch 
Class Policy: Pre-registration is required. Limited class space. Class cost is $85.00. If for any reason you need to cancel your attendance to the class, we do ask for a 24 hour cancellation notice for a full refund. If 24-hour advance notice is not received, you will be provided an account credit that must be used for another class within the following six months. Credit Card or Check payments will be required for product purchases following the class. NO CASH will be accepted the day of class.





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