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Choosing products from a professional skin care line is always best recommended by an esthetician, but if you do not have a trusted skin care professional that you are working with, you can feel confident that our regimen recommendations and our Essential To Go Skincare Kits are a great way to get acquainted with Control Corrective.

A professional esthetician can help you answer questions like: 

  • Should I be changing my daily skincare routine seasonally? 
  • Should I use a different facial cleanser for morning and evening?
  • What treatment products should I use and avoid

Keep in mind that your skin type is different than your skin problems or challenges. Ideally, you want to determine your skin type, choose the daily routine and then add specialty treatment products that help improve, minimize or control any visible skin imperfections that are bothering you.

Following a daily skincare regimen regularly is essential for healthy radiant skin. It’s important to find products that will work well for every skin type. We have outlined some simple regimens for you to follow every morning and evening for solutions to common skin care concerns. 

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   Teen Acne Skincare Regimen   Adult Acne Skincare Regimen



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