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I took the Jessner class in Long Beach with Lisa!! It was great, she is sweet and funny and never made you feel like your question was dumb!! I was so excited to add this to my menu, I was a Control Freak before, but now I'm Control Insane!!  haha!!
Kristin Wilson-McBride / Esthetician
I absolutely love the O2 Med. Been using it for years in all my acne treatments. Thank you for an amazing product!
Jessica Bomar / Esthetician
My holy grail moisturizer for oily skin. I absolutely love this (Oil Free Healing Lotion) and would certainly say it is the best that I have ever used. It calms my skin and gives me so much moisture. I have oily skin and it has not made my skin break out. Highly recommend for people with oily skin!
Romana Mosyuk / Freelance Makeup Artist
The most important thing I learned in this class is to analyze the skin type, how to correct what you can correct, and different types of sun sunscreens to use for different client’s needs.  (Skin Analysis Class)
Monique Farquhar / Esthetics Student
Always expanding my knowledge at these (Control Corrective) classes.
Iwona McCarthy / Esthetician
One of my favorite Control Corrective backbar products is the Zyme Peel. It has made extractions easier, brightens and smoothes the skin.  What I like best about the class is the product knowledge and intimate class setting.
Mila Grass / Esthetician
My most popular sunscreen to retail is the Intensive Skin Lightening Cream SPF 30.
Judy Rivera / Esthetician
I have been using Control Corrective in my business for 4 years now!! I LOVE the line! Being able to customize for my clients individual need was a must when looking for a line! The price points are so reasonable for my clientele and professional. The results are impressive! I even had a challenge with a long time customer (due to health problem) I emailed y'all and your educator personally called me back to assist me with the help I need for this particular issue, big kuddos for that! Everyone should know about this line!
Carrie Maynard Ashley / Esthetician
I have always been passionate about caring for others and strive to deliver a results-orientated, quality skincare service. It was therefore essential for me to find a professional skincare line to help me achieve this. Control Corrective is by far the very best of the best. 
Beverly Lewis / Owner - Esthetician
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Control Corrective is truly my favorite skincare line! I have been so impressed with all the products and my clients love them too! 
Bridget Plifka / Esthetician
I chose Control Corrective products for my studio because I was immediately drawn to the variety and customization this skincare line offers. I also valued the great price point for my clients as well as the instant results that you see when using everything! As an Esthetician, I love nothing more than seeing my clients happy and achieving great results with their skin. This line helps me to deliver all of that to them. I'm also continually impressed with the outstanding customer service I receive from the company and appreciate the fact that everything is USA made, cruelty free, and they are always up to date on trends in the business.
Samantha Potti / Salon & Spa Owner - Esthetician
Lisa is my go to person when I have a question. She is my skin YODA!
Gina Gould / Esthetician