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You can view product details online and submit your order by using our downloadable order forms below or you can SHOP online. Please note that if you have not been approved for an account, please submit the Customer Profile Form along with your initial order.

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Wholesale Order Form
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Opening Orders

Perfect to set you up for success! These opening orders give you all of tools needed to build a successful skin care business by providing retail to recommend in conjunction with skin care treatments, along with marketing support.

  • Retail/ Service/ Marketing synergizes your success
  • Exceptional value
  • High return on investment
  • Healthy retail inventory
  • Back-bar & Power Tools to provide a number of treatments
  • One opening order per customer
  • Samples, posters, brochures, training and more
  • Work with our dedicated team of professional who provide customized consulting and support

Opening Order $570
Opening Order $680

Opening Order $1000
Opening Order $1235
Opening Order $2550

Support Materials

If you want to dig deeper into Control Corrective, below is a complete index of all available product knowledge and support materials you can discover that will bring you up to speed in no time. From in-depth ingredient profiles to a complete step-by-step on all of our Control Corrective facial treatments.

Brand Overview
Marketing Chemical Peels in Your Spa
Beauty Buzz
Material Safety Data Sheets
Professional Treatment Guide

Spotlight Ingredient Flyers

Professional Peels Guide
Cost Per Treatment

Staying up to date on the latest advancements in skincare science is a breeze with our Professional Download Spotlight Ingredient Flyers. We break down the key actives in every product so you can stay informed, discover the science behind each formulation and build your knowledge in addresses client’s concerns with targeted results.

Blooming Botanical Extracts
Calm and Cool Clays
Fruit Extracts
Knowledgable About Kojic Acid
Loving Lactic Acid
Mad About Moisturizers
Raving Over Retinols
Sensational Serums
Skin Lightening Actives
Skin-Saving Salicylic Acid
Great Glycolic Acid
The Power of Peptides