Normal Skin

Key Characteristics:

  • The skin is breaking out rarely or not at all.
  • The pores are barely visible or barely clogged.
  • T-Zone gets oily sometimes.
  • The skin can be oily or dry sometimes, but tends to feel balanced for the most part.

Did You Know?:

Normal skin usually belongs to young skin. Skin texture is lithe, smooth and tender with fine pores and occasional comedones.

Normal skin has a balanced skin pH and hence it is also defined as healthy skin. Complications will not or rarely happen temporarily. Skin will turn into yellowish tone and do not get burnt even after over-exposure to sunlight. However, normal skin may also become oily, dehydration and sensitive skin easily due to environmental factors, eating habits and aging.


Ellen Clark Control Corrective

Ellen's Tips for Normal Skin

It is just as important to get on a daily skin regimen even when you may not have that many skin concerns. Control Corrective has the Core line of products for normal skin.

The first and main step in skin care is a facial cleansing. You can use our Gentle Facial Wash or, if you want a bit more exfoliation during the cleansing step, try our Cucumber Bead Cleanser. Or you can use one product in the morning and use the other at night. Many people love our Cucumber Bead Cleanser after a workout or a long day in the sun.

It is so important to keep your skin hydrated inside and out. A must try if your skin is feeling dry or unbalanced is one of our “hero products,” the Hydrant Stabilizer.