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Education: 7-day Rejuvenation Treatment

This highly specialized, progressive Jessner epidermal peel helps reverse signs of aging and impacted acne.

Treatment Level: 3: Clinical Therapy
Objective: Anti Aging & Acne Treatment
Recommended For: Non-sensitive, fair skin types with aged skin
Recommended Menu Description: “This highly specialized, progressive Jessner epidermal peel helps reverse signs of aging and/or treats resistant, impacted acne.”

Treatment Overview

For a day or two after application, the face looks slightly sunburned and does not peel. After that however, the depth and intensity of this treatment requires several days of down time as the skin flakes away to emerge totally renewed. During recovery, lines, wrinkles, scars, dullness, hyper-pigmentation (in lighter complexions), blackheads, whiteheads and ingrown hairs all appear to peel off and away.

A hydrating post-treatment done a week later fortifies newly refined and luminous skin with concentrated moisture.

Product Overview

  • Gentle Facial Wash (18oz)
  • Balancing Tonic (18oz)
  • Exfo Tonic (18oz)
  • Soothing Chamomile Makeup Remover (8oz)
  • Jessner Solution (4oz)

Equipment and Supplies Overview

  • Cotton Rounds
  • 2 Warm Towels
  • Essential Oils
  • 2 x 2 Gauze or Cotton Squares
  • Hand Held or Clip on Fan
  • 6” Cotton Tip Applicators
  • Vaseline

Costs & Pricing

Depending upon the amount of actual “coats” of product applied, the treatment can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 80 minutes.

Total Kit Price: $225.00
Cost Per Treatment: $9.00
Approximate Number of Treatments: 25
Recommended Facial Price: $250.00‐$350.00
TOTAL RETURN: $6,025 to $8,525

Step by Step Instructions

Key Treatment Highlights

Prior to treatment client will have filled out a medical history/intake form, release form, have been given a patch test at least a week prior (see patch test instructions), have been explained the post care instructions, given post care products and understands the process.

Clients’ skin is cleansed with Salicylic Wash.

Jessner Peel is applied in layers (up to six total).

Fan is required to keep skin cool and to help dry product.

Client leaves with face appearing white and frosty for several hours.

Face will feel tight, but no burning or discomfort is felt.

Pretreatment Suggestions to Client

PRETREATMENT: Provide these suggestions to your client prior to the service to ensure the best results and experience.

No sun tanning at least 1 week prior to the peel.

Recommend skin lightening products 2-4 weeks prior to peel if there is concern about hyperpigmentation.

Wash hair the day of procedure (no water on face for 24-48 hours). No need to wear makeup to the appointment.

Plan on going home after the treatment.

Peeling can be stressful and resorcinol can cause some clients to feel mild lightheadedness (in sensitive individuals, it only lasts a few minutes at the end when they get up).

Eat a meal before having the facial peel.

Have the client pay and schedule the post-treatment before the procedure is performed because at the end of the procedure their face will be all white and they will feel like leaving. It is also recommend that the home-care products and protocol are reviewed before the procedure is performed.

Cleanse Phase: 10 minutes

Begin facial cleanse while steaming and warming up the skin. Apply Gentle Facial Wash and cleanse the face, neck and décolleté. Soak cotton rounds in warm water and spray a small amount of Soothing Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover. Apply to eyes and wrap face in a warm towel with an aromatic calming blend. Compress towel and let client breathe in the essential oil for approximately 30 seconds. Unwrap towel; remove eye pads and excess makeup. Use towel to remove cleanser.

Spray onto a tissue or cotton pad and then apply the Exfo Tonic (oily skin) or Balancing Tonic (dry skin) to the entire face with fan on.

Give the client a hand-held fan to hold or use a clip-on fan. Some clients will feel the burning/heating feeling more intensely than others. The burning sensation will be experienced for 2-4 minutes with the first several coats. As subsequent coats are applied the client will feel more of “warmth” and stinging dissipates.

Jessner Peel Phase: Duration varies

Pour approximately 1 teaspoon Jessner Solution into a small bowl. With 6” Cotton Tip applicators (two taped together), or 2’x2’ gauze pad (if doing only 1-2 coats), begin to apply the solution to the entire affected area. Make sure the client’s eyes are closed.

After applying the first coat, wait until all stinging has subsided before applying the second coat. Each coat will take longer to dry. The first coat will dry in as soon as 3 minutes, but as you continue, each coat will take longer to dry (5 minutes, 7, minutes, 10 minutes by the 3-4 coat). Avoid getting the solution near the corners of the mouth or the nose opening, as this could be irritating. Apply Vaseline to the lips and sensitive areas. Always apply the solution into the hairline and below the neck to avoid any temporary line of demarcation. When using the 6” cotton tip applicators (which is what we recommend), rub in the solution in circular motions to “work it into” the skin.

The skin will begin to frost. Some clients will frost immediately upon the first coat and other individuals will start to frost on the third coat. At the end of the procedure the skin will look somewhat like wet powdered sugar. Over time, the product will dry and turn into a powder and then absorb into the skin. The solution is left on the face. After the third or fourth coat we recommend avoiding the sides of the nose. The Jessner Peel self-neutralizes.

Once the procedure is completed have the client slowly sit up. Bring them some water or juice. Let them rest with the fan for about 10 minutes. Some clients are going to like the fan and others will not need it. The face will feel very tight, like a sunburn feels. This is a good time to review their home care instructions. As the whiteness diminishes the client will notice pinkness like a sunburn which will turn into a golden or brown as the dead cells get ready to slowly peel from the deeper epidermal cells around days 3-5. Always call the client on day 3-4 to check on the progress. It is usually at the peeling stage that they feel the most unattractive and a call to assure them that this is the normal phase of peeling is greatly appreciated.

Be sure to review post care instructions with the clients and schedule the hydrating facial treatment for 7-10 days later.

Post Care Instructions to Client

NOTE: Post care is critical to ensure a comfortable experience. Make sure to review and/or provide this tips to client’s to follow after this treatment.

Keep skin dry for 24 hours after the peel.

After that time, the client should use the products in the Ultimate Repair Skin Care Kit to care for their fresh new skin.

Caution the client to:

  • Avoid sun, heat or excessive dryness
  • Not pick peeling skin
  • Avoid intense exercise for the first two days
  • Follow up for a facial day 7-10 to hydrate and balance the skin.
Hydrate & Moisturize Phase: 3-5 minutes

Apply a small amount (2-3 cc) of Crystal C Serum to your hands and then massage into face, neck and décolleté.

Finish Facial with an application of Collagen Eye Defense and Aroma Matte Day Cream SPF 30.

Pre-Peel Considerations

The Ideal Client


  • The Jessner Peel is excellent in its ability to lighten surface hyperpigmentation on light-skinned individuals.
  • However, on individuals of Hispanic, African, Asian, Middle-Eastern, and Indian ethnic backgrounds, where the eyes and skin-tone are dark (and clients are suffering from hyperpigmentation), there is a risk of increased pigmentation problems when performing multiple coats of the Jessner.


This peel is not recommended as an acne treatment for cystic/inflamed acne.
While the peel helps bring up resistant acne conditions, it is too occlusive for Grade 3-4 Acne unless used in only 1-coat application as part of a “tune-up” procedure.
Be aware that the peel can also bring up embedded acne which, while helpful, can upset the client initially. They need to understand this ahead of time.


  • It is always important to review the client’s medical history.
  • Clients should have discontinued Accutane for 6 months prior to receiving a Jessner Peel.
  • Vitamin A topicals should be discontinued 1 week prior to the peel.
  • Clients with sensitivity to aspirin/salicylates should not be given this peel due to the salicylic acid in the solution.
  • Clients who carry the herpes simplex virus (even on rare occasion), should be advised to take oral Valtrex or Zovirax (prescribed from their physician) prior to or during the peel procedure. This peel will stimulate the reaction.
  • If someone is prone to many allergies and/or histamine reactions, a double patch test and having the client take Benadryl during the first several days of the peel may be beneficial.

Before You Begin


The Jessner Peel does achieve outstanding results in a very short period with very little downtime. However, the peel will not “change” the appearance of someone, “cure” acneic conditions, or totally get rid of wrinkles.

We recommend taking before/after pictures of every client, even when performing the most basic types of progressive peeling procedures. Clients will not remember how they looked before (even a week or two before).


All clients receiving Jessner Peeling must be given a patch test at least 48 hours before the peel.

We recommend testing a patch the size of a quarter on the neck, near the back of the ear. Apply with a cotton-tip applicator, wait 2-3 minutes, and repeat 2 more times.

The patch test area may become pink, may frost, may sting for a minute or so, or feel warm. This is normal.

Suspect allergic symptoms would include swelling, prolonged redness, bumps, and persistent itching.

Make sure clients take off any dangling earrings and make sure sun exposure is minimized on the patch test area.

If there are any questions of possible sensitivities or reaction, patch test again on the other side.


  • It is very important to always review the medical history of the client prior to each peel.
  • Medications can affect the risk of residual hyperpigmentation and/or skin sensitivity.
  • This peel should not be performed on pregnant women or while breast feeding.
  • Diabetics should also consult their physician before receiving any peel

Application & Frequency of Treatment


This peel should never be performed on two major areas at one time. The face and neck can be peeled at the same time, but the chest should be peeled at a separate appointment. Likewise, the shoulders should never be peeled at the same time the face is peeled.

This peel is not designed for other parts of the body.

If peeling the upper back, we recommend first performing our Glycolic Peel (for 3-5 minutes), removing and then following with no more than 3-4 coats of Jessner. This reduces the amount of chemical peel solution entering the body.

Spot peeling can also be performed for areas of most concern. For example, acne scarring on just the forehead, or fine lines under the eyes, or hyperpigmentation on one shoulder.


Two of the advantages of the Jessner Peel are its flexibility and customization. You can apply one coat of solution to stimulate some mild peeling for congested acne or ingrown hairs or apply the full 6 coats to get much deeper results.

The Jessner Peel can be applied with a cotton-tip applicator directly to cystic acne lesions at the end of treatments to help breakup the congestion.

It is very common to perform a Glycolic Acid Peel or Microdermabrasion Treatment 1-2 days prior to a Jessner. This way fewer coats of the Jessner are required and the client gets a more “even” result with less chemicals.

Some estheticians perform a quick Glycolic Peel the same day as the Jessner, but we do not recommend this; except when peeling the back.


The full 5-7 coat Jessner Peel can be performed as often as once every 6 weeks if desired.

For ingrown hairs or resistant acne, a one coat Jessner may be performed twice monthly.

When performing a one-coat Jessner, the client will be able to resume regular home-care products sooner, simply avoiding exfoliants for approximately one week.

Tips & Tricks

The Jessner Peel may be performed every six weeks.

While the Jessner Peel is a relatively safe procedure, there are always concerns and contraindications. This peel is not recommended for individuals with eczema, sunburn, active herpes simplex, rosacea, asthma, pregnancy, lupus, recent use of Accutane, distended capillaries, dermatitis conditions, psoriasis and other chronic skin disorders. Dark-skinned clients or those with medium, olive-skin, suffering from hyperpigmentation should not be given this peel in multiple coats (discussed at right).