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Benefits of Express Treatments

December 19, 2015

Benefits of Express Treatments

While most of us dream of a day away at the spa, complete with indulgent treatments and a welcome unplug from emails and social media, it’s usually just that – a dream. Whether you’re a business traveler, a busy stay-at-home mom or just an average person trying to keep your head above water as the holiday season approaches, chances are you’re feeling good if you make it out of the house without forgetting to put on mascara.

That said, regardless of our busy schedules, estheticians still recommend monthly facials to ensure optimal skin health.

So how do we pencil in time in an already packed schedule?

Take advantage of an express skin treatment! On average, these skin-slash-time-savers last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes (versus 60-90) and still provide fantastic results.

Shorter, cheaper…seem too good to be true? Here are answers to some of your burning questions about express treatments:

Q: Since they’re shorter, do express treatments produce less dramatic results?

A: Absolutely not. With an express treatment, you receive the same skin benefits. In order to shave off time, the esthetician typically skips some of the “spa fluff,” such as cold stones, neck or scalp massage and aromatherapy. While these extras are highly enjoyable, they benefit the experience, not the skin itself, so axing them has no effect on your end result.

Q: What kind of express treatments are offered?

A: Express skin treatments differ from one spa or salon to the next, so inquire about an express menu at your existing establishment. Whether you’re looking for a skin-clearing facial, a peel, an anti-aging treatment or something to calm and soothe sensitive skin, Control Corrective offers an express option. Our six unique treatments include: the 10-Minute Cool Down; Clear Skin Assist; Lunch Time Express Peel; 15-Minute Firming Facial; Express Eye Firm; and the Rapid Hydrating Mini Facial. 

Q: Should you always skip full skin treatments and opt for express instead?

A: Not necessarily. Whether you opt for an express or a full treatment is dependent on many things: your budget, your time constraints, your mood and much more. Some people love to spend an entire day at the spa; others dislike a “do nothing” experience and find it a complete waste of time. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, there are benefits to both long and short skin treatments. If you’re planning for a deep peel, or a facial that incorporates LED light or microdermabrasion, it’s probably best to not go the “quickie” route, while the hustle and bustle of the holiday season may lend itself better to brevity.

Q: Where are express treatments offered?

A: Express treatments are typically found anywhere full-length options are available, such as your spa or salon. Don’t fall for the common misconception that size matters – you can get an outstanding facial at even the smallest establishment. Just make sure to do your homework to find a setting that works for you. Check online reviews, get referrals from friends and family, and always make sure the esthetician performing your treatment is licensed. You can even go directly to the Board of Cosmetology to see if she/he is currently active or has any complaints noted.

Q: What express treatment is recommended for fall skin?

A: Your esthetician can recommend the seasonal treatment most appropriate for your skin specifics, but a great one to transition from summer’s drying conditions to winter’s equally dehydrating climate is Control Corrective’s Rapid Hydrating Mini Facial. The XX-minute facial incorporates the deep concentrating and hydrating Balancing Thermogel Mask, as well as the Hydrant Stabilizer (likened to a tall glass of water for thirsty skin), along with other skin hydrators and soothers. It’s a great way to pamper the complexion before the busiest holiday months arrive.

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