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Acne-Prone Skin

Key Characteristics:

  • The skin is breaking out and you can feel and/or notice it.
  • The pores are clogged and the skin can be reddened in those areas.
  • The skin can be oily or dry, but tends to feel imbalanced due to over use of drying products, picking at the skin, and inflamed if continues on its untreated path.

Did You Know?:

Skin that is acne-prone will normally appear to be greasy, sticky and “dirty” due to excessive sebum secretion on the face.

Your skin produces excessive sebum secretion and has a thick and coarse texture. The accumulation of keratin also causes large and visible pores that are easily clogged, blackheads and pus that will get inflammation and become red swelling easily. This condition may also lead to more serious skin problems such as follicullitis and pustules if, without proper care.


Ellen Clark Control CorrectiveEllen's Tips for Acne Prone Skin

Because acne is not a “skin type”, rather it is a skin condition, you need to identify your skin type (normal/oily or normal/dry) and then pick the products that are best for you. For example, if you are over 30 and have skin that is drier, you may be better off using O2 Med in the morning and the Acne Treatment Cream at night, to avoid over drying the skin, but addressing the problem. The combination for teen acne, with an oilier skin type might be the Clear Med 5% in the morning and the Acne Spot Treatment at night.

Since acne is multi-faceted it is ideal if you can approach it several ways. Using an exfoliating cleanser and toner, such as the Medicated Pumice Wash and Exfo Tonic, a pore “detoxifier” such as the Acne Spot Treatment in combination with a product to reduce redness and inflammation, such as the Calming Balm, you expedite clearing and reduce the risk of potential scarring.

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