Testimonials - Pro

Bridget Plifka / Esthetician

Control Corrective is truly my favorite skincare line! I have been so impressed with all the products and my clients love them too! I was introduced to the product line by my Esthetics Instructor.  I was starting out in my first treatment room and she wanted to share some products with me to help get me started. Lucky for me,  many of them were Control Corrective!  I began using them and noticed how good my skin felt and looked with the CC line.  I was also getting real results for my clients! When I became an instructor myself, I turned to the wonderful videos founder Ellen Clark made of the protocols and started teaching the Jessner Peel and TCA peel with her videos as a teaching aid.  From the videos, treatment guides, protocols, support materials and of course, the products themselves,  I love everything about Control Corrective!  It's a smart, we'll thought-out product line.  I think of Ellen Clark as an "Esthetician's Esthetician" and am so thankful to her for all she has created for Estheticians to work with!  I've used the products for many years and now that I'm opening my first Skin Care Spa, it was time for me to invest in a line I could not only count on for results but that my clients would love so much that they would want to purchase and take the products home.  I just opened for business and the products are already finding their new homes with my clients! I recently had my first Open House and gave samples out.  Two days later, I had several people return just to make retail purchases! I'm proud to have Control Corrective on my shelves and I have been so impressed with the wonderful support I've received since making my Opening Order.  Summer has called me personally and been so supportive and Alicia saved the day for me when I couldn't locate my price list and I knew a client was coming in to specifically buy products! She quickly emailed the list to me and all was right again! Thank you all so much!  I look forward to a bright and prosperous future with Control Corrective!