What’s my skin type?

Below is our Control Corrective skincare analysis to help you identify your correct skin type and the recommended Control Corrective products that are designed for your particular skin type. Keep in mind that your skin type is different than your skin problems or challenges. Ideally, you want to determine your skin type, choose the daily routine and then add specialty products that help improve, minimize or control any visible skin imperfections that are bothering you.

Need Help?

Using a professional skin care line is always best recommended by an esthetician, but if you do not have a trusted skin care professional that you are working with, you can feel confident that the recommendations below are a great starting point.

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Teens usually suffer from acne because of the hormonal changes that come with puberty. This regimen will help your clients battle acne at home!

As you know, following a daily skincare regimen regularly is essential for healthy radiant skin. It’s important to find products that will work well for every skin type. We have created 8 simple regimens you can follow every morning and evening for perfect skin!

Early Aging Regimen

Prevent a problem before it occurs! This regimen tackles early aging.

Mature & Aging Skin Regimen

Aging skin tends to be dry & thin. Here's the special care it needs!

Normal to Dry Skin Regimen

This regimen includes everything for normal to dry skin.

Sensitive Skin Regimen

Tackles stinging, burning, redness, tightness and irritation.

Teen Acne Regimen

Addresses the causes of teenage acne breakouts.

Adult Acne Regimen

Adult acne can be quite common. Here's what it needs...

Sun Damage Regimen

This regimen addresses the needs of sun damaged skin.

Post Peel Recovery Regimen

This regimen is critical to ensure clients get the most of their peel!


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