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Treatment Room Taboos

Treatment Room ~ Control Corrective
As customers, we’ve all encountered it: the inattentive or rude waiter, the barista sneezing profusely behind the café counter or the pushy saleswoman hungry for commission.

Business blunders like these result in unhappy clientele, and in today’s social-media-shareable-society – most certainly a scathing Facebook or Yelp review.

As skincare professionals and beauty business owners, we must remain diligent about providing quality experiences for our customers that meet or exceed standards in cleanliness and professionalism – even behind treatment room doors.

Just like dirty utensils can ruin a restaurant experience, distracting sounds, smells or sights can seriously sour a facial treatment. So even if your reception staff is on point and your salon or spa is located in the hippest shopping center in town, if something unfavorable happens in the treatment room, your business’ reputation is at stake.

In an industry reliant on word-of-mouth endorsements, make sure you (or your estheticians) are avoiding the following “treatment room taboos”:

Cut the chatter.

For customers who desire a calm, relaxing treatment experience, having to hear about an esthetician’s divorce or even her Hawaiian vacation, can completely kill the vibe. The client should always be in control of how much conversation takes place, with the esthetician being conscious of social cues. Initial friendly banter can help create a comfortable environment, but don’t ever expect to carry on a conversation during a treatment, unless driven by the client.

Practice pristine hygiene.

A client should be blissfully unaware of her esthetician’s life outside the treatment room – from her smoking habits to what she had for lunch. To this end, make sure you keep hands clean and nails manicured (especially since bacteria can hide behind the nails); breath fresh (mints are OK, gum is a no-no); and uniforms crisp to maintain professionalism. Additionally, Control Corrective encourages all estheticians to wear gloves (even if not state-required) to ensure cleanliness, prevent product contamination and ensure a uniform, smooth touch on a client’s face.

Keep house.

Just as an esthetician must present an impeccable appearance, so should her domain. A messy treatment room is unacceptable. Products should be organized and linens should be fresh and clean. Every client should be able to assume they are the first appointment of the day.

Never “flee the scene”.

An esthetician should remain in the room for the duration of the treatment without exception. Even if you’ve just applied a mask, there is no excuse for “taking a quick break.” Your client has paid for those minutes, so use them wisely by enhancing the experience with a shoulder or neck massage, aromatherapy or a paraffin dip. It’s these special touches that can result in a follow-up booking.

Upsell at the appropriate time.

Incessant talking during a treatment is frowned upon, and selling is an even worse offense. Talking to your client about at-home care is absolutely necessary, but should always be discussed post-treatment. Most people want to relax and check out during a facial, so upsells at this time will likely be ignored or perhaps angrily rebuffed. Instead, following their treatment, provide clients with an at-home care card detailing product and regimen recommendations.

DISCUSSION: What treatment room taboos have you witnessed?


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