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Tackling Summer Downtime

Control Corrective Summer Slump

No doubt you and your staff are familiar with the seasonal lull in salon and spa spending, often known as the “Summer Slump,” typically caused by regular clients re-allocating their time and funds for fun summer adventures instead of skincare and other beauty services. But before you start praying for rain, realize that you can still be successful this summer, as long as you’re providing products and services that are complementary to the season.

Let’s Talk About SPF

SPF Protection ~ Control Corrective

While we can assume most everyone is aware of the dangers of the sun’s potent rays, the majority of your customers likely need some hand-holding in terms of wading through the mass misinformation and false claims found in plenty down the sunscreen aisle. Here are the most important talking points to share with them!

The Summer Bride

The Summer Bride

According to popular wedding site, three of the four most popular months for marriage are in summer. Preparing a summer bride for her upcoming nuptials – as well as the groom and the couples’ respective entourages – brings big opportunity for salons and spas, so it’s essential you have the right offerings at the ready.


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