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Skincare Apps

It seems like we rely on phone apps for everything these days, from finding our way to the closest Starbucks in an unfamiliar city to possibly finding a soul mate at the local watering hole.

But did you ever think your iPhone could help keep you from getting a sunburn or even detect early signs of skin cancer?

They don’t call them smart phones for nothing, people.

Yep, there are now a host of skincare-related apps available that can help you download the details on everything from dermatologist-approved skincare tips to ensuring ample sleep and hydration for healthy skin.

While we believe good old-fashioned in-person professional skincare consultations coupled with professional skincare products are at the crux of a healthy complexion, we can also appreciate the novelty of technology – especially if its helps you remember to reapply your sunscreen!

Here’s a roundup of a few skincare-related apps we found intriguing:

UV Meter: This handy app helps protect you from UV exposure by providing an hourly UV forecast for anywhere in the world. It also provides sun protection tips, SPF recommendations and sunburn times. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; $0.99


Love my Skin: This skin cancer awareness app offers a detailed rendering of the body and allows you to “tap” on a section to highlight any moles or marks you’d like to keep an eye on. You can edit and update details each time you do a skin self-check, track changes and even consult a built-in guide on recognizing malignant versus benign moles. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; $0.99


iDrated: Help keep skin young and vibrant by keeping hydration levels on point with this app that monitors your water intake based on age, weight, height and exercise level. It will even give you drink prompts! Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; $0.99


Dermatology A-Z: This skin health app from the American Academy of Dermatology offers users expert insights on skin diseases and conditions, evidence-based skincare research, monthly skincare tips, a real time UV index and a directory of dermatologists in your area. Available for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; Free


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: Your skin rejuvenates as you sleep, so make sure you’re getting the best possible snooze with this extremely popular app that monitors your nightly movement and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase (within a 30-minute window that ends at your set time) to ensure optimal wake-up and energy throughout the day. It also offers nightly sleep stats and graphs, sleep aids, a notes capability and more. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; $0.99


Would you consider using a skincare app? If so, which one?


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