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Rethinking Retail!

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There’s no time like the New Year to set intentions for your business. And while you may see multiple areas for potential improvement, try to create realistic, achievable goals for just one aspect of your day-to-day operation. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and allow you to more easily measure success.

If you’re looking for a starter resolution, try rethinking retail. Nurturing this portion of your salon or spa can help you make leaps and bounds in your bottom line, without a hefty time or financial commitment.

Perhaps your customers aren’t responding well to your current product offerings or you lack the space and creativity to create successful displays. Now is the time to approach retail with some fresh ideas for improvement.

Consider the following tips for revamping your retail in 2015:

Know what you’re selling.

When it comes to up-selling at-home-care products to your clients, staff knowledge is power. In order to pop the pocketbook, customers need to know why they need a product. When your staff only knows cursory details about the skincare line you carry, they won’t be able to carry the sale. Encourage your estheticians and other employees to expand their knowledge of key active ingredients – through research, a cosmetic ingredients dictionary, 3×5 cards, really any means necessary – so they are at-the-ready experts for your customers. Additionally, make sure they can identify both the features of each product you carry (emollient, hydrating, smells yummy), and more importantly, the benefits (reduces dryness, soothes irritation). Your employees will become more confident sellers, and your customers will become more easily convinced.

Get creative with displays.

Retailing does not start post-treatment, nor at the register; it starts when your client first walks in. It’s your job to create an inviting environment that shows your business is trustworthy and successful. Customers immediately make unconscious mental notes that will determine their future purchasing pattern, so make sure your presentation is seamless, from the first greeting to music, lighting and décor. Create an environment that feels welcoming by incorporating lots of natural light, pleasing sounds and scents, and never a pushy or rude receptionist.

Create a successful selling ambiance.

Just as an esthetician must present an impeccable appearance, so should her domain. A messy treatment room is unacceptable. Products should be organized and linens should be fresh and clean. Every client should be able to assume they are the first appointment of the day.

DISCUSSION: How do you plan to rethink retail this year?


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