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Advanced Skincare Ingredient Workshop

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Level 1: Discover Course


These courses can comprise of either look & learn demonstration or hands-on learning experiences that introduce, engage and equip both new and seasoned estheticians with new skills and knowledge.

Attendance Bonuses & Perks:

  • $55 instant product credit to shop the day of class
  • 15% bonus discount on anything you purchases the day of class
  • Catered breakfast & lunch
  • Network with local professionals
  • Deluxe Sample Kit

Curriculum Outline:

  • How to naturally speak the language of ingredients
  • Feature/Benefit/Result for increased sales and treatment retention
  • Sales success strategies that are as easy as A-B-C: Approach, Build, Close for different personality types
  • Skin physiology and histology review for better customized solutions
  • In depth understanding of the layers of the skin and how that informs your skin diagnostics
  • Cell types and the role they play in the skin and in product recommendations
  • The differences between an active ingredient (drug) vs. non-active ingredient
  • The differences between natural vs. organic vs. chemical ingredients
  • How to decode the back of the package (drug fact label, ingredient list)
  • How to incorporate your actives with various modalities including microdermabrasion, ultrasonic and micro current technologies
  • To understand the categories of ingredients: What they are, what they do, and how to address client concerns including the following:
    • Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatories, and Antioxidants
    • Cell Communicators
    • Emollients, Emulsifiers, Exfoliators
    • Humectants
    • Lighteners and brighteners
    • Polymers and Preservatives
    • Serums, Silicones, Soothing and calming ingredients that perform
    • Sun screens
    • Preservatives, Surfactants and other ingredients that help the actives work.

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