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Managing Dry Skin

Managing Dry Skin with Control Corrective
As the chilly season approaches, you may notice your complexion feels less like a winter wonderland and more like a dehydrated wasteland, thanks to the cool, dry climate and an increased exposure to indoor heating.

Even the healthiest skin profiles can succumb to dull, tight skin that can itch, flake and give rise to not-so-subtle signs of aging. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that when the seasons shift, so must your skincare regimen – and that doesn’t mean doubling up on heavy creams, much to the surprise of many.

Whether your skin always tends toward dryness or it’s just the season that turns it into the Sahara, note the following tips for managing this condition and avoiding its misconceptions:

DISCUSSION: What are your most impactful DOs and DON’TS when it comes to dry skin?


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