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Knowing the Male Client

The Male Client
With terms like “manscape” now well-incorporated into modern-day language, it’s obvious that men are making up a fast-growing consumer segment of today’s beauty industry. It’s no longer a novelty to see a man at a manicure station or on a massage table; in fact, GQ, “the definitive man’s magazine,” recently published a piece entitled, “A Man’s Guide to Getting a Facial.”

Are you and your salon prepared to support the foray of fellows into an industry previously dominated by female customers?

While they aren’t from Mars, men do have some very specific skincare needs that should be taken seriously if you plan to successfully market to and serve this new clientele.

Here are a few:

His skin is different.

Due to extra collagen and elastin, male skin is 20 percent thicker and firmer than that of most women. It also tends to be oilier and have larger pores, which more easily collect dirt and sweat. Couple these innate tendencies with the dehydration of everyday shaving and you’ve got a client in need of focused skincare. Treat male skin with deep cleansing, hydrating serums and masks that penetrate the thick layers of skin and reverse buildup and dryness. The Hydrating Cream Peel Facial is an ideal treatment recommendation for men, and the moisture-rich, sedating Control Corrective Redness Relief Serum is perfect for soothing oft-shaved, sensitive skin.

He shouldn't use bar soap or aftershave.

While bar soap may have been his primary beauty regimen to date, he likely isn’t aware that the high pH of bar cleansers can dehydrate skin and aggravate razor burn. Recommend Control’s Gentle Facial Wash or Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk instead. And his aftershave may smell good, but its alcohol-based formula can lead to dead skin buildup, irritation, and redness. Contrary to male myth, aftershaves do not help close pores. Instruct him to opt for oil-free moisturizers instead, so skin is healed, hydrated, and revived following a shave. Control Oil Free Healing Lotion and Calming Balm are great product picks.

He may avoid sunscreen.

While women have gotten smarter about wearing sunscreen religiously, men are less responsible this way, perhaps due to disinterest in adding more oils to already-slick skin.  This puts them at greater risk for sunburn and melanoma. Recommend regular application of a non-oil-based sunscreen like Control’s Oil Free Sunscreen.

He may still be wary of the “femininity” of facials.

Men are becoming less shy about taking care of their skin, but may still be a little embarrassed about actually spending money on it. Dispel the feminine stereotype by focusing less on the post-facial “glow” and more on its important benefits, such as clearing blackheads, cleansing pores, removing dead skin buildup and treating facial irritation and ingrown hairs. Give the facial you offer to men a name that will appeal to his masculinity, such as “The After-Workout Facial” so he’s more likely to order it.

DISCUSSION: What are you doing in your salon or spa to attract the male consumer?


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