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Sensitive Skin Regimen

Sensitive skin is more of a condition than an actual skin type. Many factors contribute to sensitive skin, including, gender, age, race and environment. However, many individuals consider themselves to have sensitive skin because they experience stinging, burning, redness or tightness after exposure to an irritant (like detergent or a cleaning product). Objective:Sensitivity & RednessRecommended...

Botanical Soothing Facial

This relaxing, soothing facial subdues inflammation, visible redness, unsightly blotchiness and reactivity tantrums. Treatment Level:2: Advanced TherapyObjective:Sensitivity & RednessRecommended For:Sensitive, rosacea‐prone, post chemically peeled, stressed or sunburned skinCategories:Sensitivity & Redness Treatment Overview This gentle, yet effective facial pampers the client as well as reduces and calms inflamed skin. Clients with sensitive skin want all the same results...

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