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Secrets of Salicylic Acid

If you’ve ever struggled with acne – whether occasional or chronic – chances are you’ve used or perused a product containing salicylic acid. So, just what is this skincare ingredient boasting breakout-banishing properties?   We’ve got the 4-1-1 on this commonly-used complexion booster, including why it works, who it works for, and when to use caution: It’s a “multitasker.” Salicylic acid is no one-trick pony, as it acts as both a comedolytic and keratolytic agent. In layman’s terms? It not only loosens up congested skin cells to neutralize bacteria within the pores – sending blackheads and whiteheads packing – but it also acts as a powerful exfoliator that helps skin shed dead debris more easily to prevent future breakouts. It’s best teamed with other exfoliators….

Managing Dry Skin

Managing Dry Skin with Control Corrective

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that when the seasons shift, so must your skincare regimen – and that doesn’t mean doubling up on heavy creams, much to the surprise of many. Whether your skin always tends toward dryness or it’s just the season that turns it into the Sahara, note the following tips for managing this condition and avoiding its misconceptions.

Skin Food

Did you know that November’s famous feasting holiday shares the month with another important celebration? That’s right, folks, the eleventh month of the year is also recognized as National Healthy Skin Month!   And while you may be a tad more excited about the holiday that brings loads of pumpkin pie (among other delectable goodies) to your plate, you’ll be happy to know that you can also celebrate Healthy Skin Month by indulging in epicurean delights. To keep your complexion sporting a delicious glow this winter, consider digging into generous helpings of “skin food” that contain the vitamins your skin is most hungry for: A, D, C & E. The perfect recipe for beautiful skin – and a happy belly? Consider planning a Thanksgiving meal…

Giving Thanks for Good Skin

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, many worry about an expanding waistline post-feast, yet the aftermath of this traditional holiday binge can also bring some unsavory skin issues. While roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and “Grandma’s famous stuffing” are most certainly agreeable to our palate, our complexions suffer a serious hangover from this seasonal onslaught of sodium. Just as your pants may feel a bit tighter the day after Turkey Day, your face may also bear the look of bloat due to salt-induced water retention. Skin can become dry and cracked, or it could break out due to an attempt to correct dehydration with an overproduction of oil. Wherever your skin lands on the spectrum, it certainly doesn’t make for a pretty Christmas card…

Your Skin While You Sleep

We’ve all heard the age-old adage “get your beauty sleep,” but most people don’t realize just how crucial catching Z’s is to achieving a healthy, beautiful complexion. Your skin doesn’t just sit there as you snore; on the contrary, it’s uber-productive, renewing and repairing skin cells at a speed much swifter than that of the waking hours. Freed from its daytime duties of fending off aggressors such as UV exposure and pollutants, it can focus on providing essential nutrients and oxygen to the skin, removing toxins and regenerating cells at a record pace. But just because your skin shows superhero-like stamina while you sleep, that doesn’t mean you’re cleared from a nighttime skincare regimen. In fact, your before-bed ritual becomes even more important because of…

Total Body Skincare

History speaks of “a face that launched a thousand ships,” so it’s no surprise that when one considers a personal and financial investment in skincare, it’s above-the-neck beauty that snags top priority. Of course the face should stay front and center of a skincare commitment – it is, after all, front and center – but that doesn’t mean the skin covering the remaining 90 percent of the body should take a backseat. As the body’s largest organ, skin in its entirety should receive top billing in regard to a daily regimen to maintain health and beauty – especially during swimsuit season. Make sure you’re on track with total body skincare by incorporating these below-the-neck skin tips into your regular routine:   Make sure moisturizers head…

Benefits of Acid Based Treatments

We’ve all seen it a time or two in a horror movie. Good guy throws acid on the face of bad guy (or vice versa), and the result is, well – horrific. Perhaps it’s these associations that make many fearful of the idea of putting acid anywhere near their skin, let alone their face. The fact of the matter is, all acids aren’t created equal. The acids you’ll find in skincare products aren’t the same as the battery acid from the seedy scary movie you’re still having nightmares about. Actually, many acids can sync quite harmoniously with the skin – even if it’s sensitive! Acid-based skincare products, professional facials and peels have the power to brighten and smooth skin, help zap acne (or correct the…

End of Summer Skin


As summer comes to a close, you may find that the sunny season’s traditionally “carefree” vibe has left your skin needing some serious aftercare. Extra time spent in the sun, dips in the chlorinated pool, hot and dry conditions and a lax sunscreen routine may see you facing fall with common post-summer skin issues such as rosacea and psoriasis flare-ups, hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Fall is the ideal time to get complexions back in balance before the cooler climate ushers in a new set of skin woes, so stay focused on a skincare regimen that will help rejuvenate sun-parched skin and get it prepped for colder weather. Here are a few ideas: Do your best to undo damage. It seems sun-kissed skin can help camouflage…

Pollution & Stress

We often get information about the sun’s damaging effects on skin, but many may not be aware that other environmental and even emotional factors can contribute to premature aging in a nearly identical manner. According to a recent article in The Dermatologist, the dangerous reactive oxygen species known to cause aging in the skin is generated not only by ultraviolet radiation, but can also be produced from other sources, including pollution and stress. Consequently, those who live in areas with poor air quality, smoke or live high-stress lifestyles are at increased risk for the formation of reactive oxygen species, which age skin by attacking its DNA, proteins and lipids. We generally know how to protect ourselves from the sun; how do we stay mindful of…

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