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Business Resolutions

You may be knee-deep in your personal resolutions for the New Year (who knew you’d miss sugar this much?), but that shouldn’t deter you from making positive changes in your business for 2017.

The start of the year is a great time to look back on last year’s numbers and really evaluate what worked and what didn’t within the doors of your salon or spa.

It’s easy to identify the goals you want to achieve for your company – more revenue, increased exposure, more new and repeat customers and a great team of employees – but it’s the steps necessary for achieving those goals that require more strategy and effort.

Our advice? Take baby steps! It’s hard to find time in the day to overhaul company practices, so start implementing little changes where you can this quarter.


Here are five resolution ideas you can aim to make materialize this year:


 #1. Give your menu a seasonal makeover. We’ve been over this before, but we can’t stress the importance of updating your regular spa menu to reflect changes in the season, and consequently, your clients’ skincare needs. Consider highlighting hydrating facials, brightening peels and warming elements – from stones to product fragrances – for winter; transitional facials for spring; gentle, hydrating facials and nourishing eye treatments to counteract sun exposure for summer; and restorative facials to reduce hyperpigmentation and restore moisture post-summer, for fall. Make it fun by bringing seasonal elements into every aspect of the spa – from refreshments to scents and even music.


#2. Start surveying customers. The secret to capturing loyal customers – no spoiler here – is to somehow get inside their head to better understand their likes, dislikes and “I wish’s” about your business. If you haven’t already, decide on a good time to implement a customer survey that is short (no more than five questions) and is worded in a way that will elicit helpful and thorough responses. Reward your customers for their time by offering a fun and useful incentive, such as a small spa credit, a branded tote bag or even a $5 Starbucks gift card.


#3. Get more social. It’s no secret that social media is an extremely effective way to engage with current and prospective customers – if you are creating the right content on the right platforms for your target audience. Whether you’re just starting out or want to make your existing social media strategy more successful, take time to identify who you want to reach: Is it the aging customer? More men? Acne-prone teens? Then, research the platforms these demographics frequent most and make sure you have a strong presence on them. Identify which staff member will manage your social media (and for how many hours per week), and have them create a posting schedule that follows the 4-1-1 Rule: four entertaining, engaging, or informative posts to every one sales post.


#4. Make employees motivated. If you want to maintain success this year, you can’t have frequent turnover among your staff. From hire, try to create a workplace culture that is friendly, professional, team-centered and client-focused. Set clear weekly or monthly goals for your employees so that they understand where they can go (hopefully, up) and how they will be incentivized. When you’re trying to run a business, it’s easy to overlook the positives while trying to fix the negatives, so implement a “Caught Ya” program where you reward employees for doing things right. Dermascope has a great article with some other ideas for motivating staff here.


#5.  Revamp your retail. Retail is a huge part of the spa business, and there are so many opportunities to capture these sales. Make sure your retail area is appealing and features multiple products positioned at different levels to create interest. Keep things exciting by changing up displays regularly to highlight seasonal tie-ins, such as pairing Control Corrective Oil-Free Sunscreen with a floppy sun hat during summer or lip treatments with small cards and gifts for Valentine’s Day. And above all, make sure your entire staff – from the front desk to the back bar – is knowledgeable on all of the products you’re selling so they can easily convey  benefits and why the customer needs them!


What resolutions do you have for your business in 2017?


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