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Benefits of Acid Based Treatments

We’ve all seen it a time or two in a horror movie. Good guy throws acid on the face of bad guy (or vice versa), and the result is, well – horrific.

Perhaps it’s these associations that make many fearful of the idea of putting acid anywhere near their skin, let alone their face.

The fact of the matter is, all acids aren’t created equal. The acids you’ll find in skincare products aren’t the same as the battery acid from the seedy scary movie you’re still having nightmares about. Actually, many acids can sync quite harmoniously with the skin – even if it’s sensitive!

Acid-based skincare products, professional facials and peels have the power to brighten and smooth skin, help zap acne (or correct the aftermath), reduce signs of aging, even out pigment and even bring elasticity back to sagging complexions.

Horror story or feel-good fantasy? You decide.

Before fearing acid-based skincare, familiarize yourself with the options and benefits:

Get to know the acid power trio. While there are a handful of acids you may find in your skincare products or being used in professional facials, the most important threesome to acquaint yourself with includes:

• Glycolic Acid. One of the safest and most popular skincare acids, Glycolic Acid helps unclog pores, smooth skin texture and clarifies the complexion.

• Lactic Acid. This powerful acid is integral in assisting with erasing the signs of aging, as it stimulates collagen production and effectively clears away dead surface cells, removing unwanted discoloration along the way.

• Salicylic Acid. Acting as an exfoliating agent, salicylic acid is effective in ridding the skin of everything from stretch marks to scars and signs of aging. It’s also an extremely powerful acne treatment.

(Most) everyone can peel. Despite what you may think, most everyone is an appropriate candidate for an acid-based facial or professional peel. Yes, even those with skin sensitivities. In fact, it’s recommended that you receive an esthetician-performed, acid-based facial every four to six weeks, whether you’re a teen struggling with acne or a 30-something struggling with the first signs of aging. The only instances in which a peel is not appropriate is when you are pregnant, nursing or on antibiotics. Your esthetician will perform an extensive consultation with you beforehand to ensure a safe and effective experience. Additionally, if you are receiving a Control Corrective peel, it can be customized based on your skin type and skin concerns.
There is an acid-based treatment plan for beginners. If you still have some anxiety about entering the world of acid-based products and treatments, rest assured there is a starter plan. The first step is to visit an esthetician who can provide the proper professional treatment and at-home care plan for your skin profile. Most spas offer a tri-level system, offering light, medium and deep-strength treatment options. On the Control Corrective spectrum, most likely a Spa Therapy Level 1 acid-based facial would be recommended for a beginner; whereas more seasoned “peelers” can take on Clinical Therapy 3 treatments, including the Jessner and TCA peels. The most important approach to acid-based skincare is to consult a skincare professional – never start with an at-home peel!

Remove the fear from acid-based skincare, and your face will thank you!


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