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Advances in Clinical Skincare

Post Peel
From Bluetooth to multiple browser tabs, we live in a world where we feel inadequate if we aren’t doing several things at once. Ah, the art of multitasking.

And while the jury is still out on whether we’re actually more productive when we, say, conduct a conference call while simultaneously updating our Facebook status, when it comes to clinical skincare that multitasks, it’s a no-brainer. An emerging trend you may have noticed, clinical skincare products are advancing to meet the time and budget constraints of the modern customer with single formulas that serve multiple purposes. The result? Highly effective “super products” that can significantly cut down the cost of and minutes spent on a daily skincare regimen and bathroom counter clutter.

Here are a few of our favorite Control Corrective overachievers:

DISCUSSION: What are the beauty multi-taskers that make your life easier?


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