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Applying Skincare Correctly

Here at Control Corrective, we would never refer to skincare as “simple,” since skin type, skin conditions and skincare treatment plans are completely distinct to each person’s unique complexion and therefore require professional consultation for both diagnosis and management. Even more, often the most arguably “simple” aspect of skincare – applying it correctly– is often…

Managing Dry Skin

Managing Dry Skin with Control Corrective

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that when the seasons shift, so must your skincare regimen – and that doesn’t mean doubling up on heavy creams, much to the surprise of many. Whether your skin always tends toward dryness or it’s just the season that turns it into the Sahara, note the following tips for managing this condition and avoiding its misconceptions.

Giving Thanks for Good Skin

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, many worry about an expanding waistline post-feast, yet the aftermath of this traditional holiday binge can also bring some unsavory skin issues. While roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and “Grandma’s famous stuffing” are most certainly agreeable to our palate, our complexions suffer a serious hangover from this seasonal…


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